Initial unstable Beta 5 issues and thoughts:

Casino is fun, but the boat is underwater when you show up.

Sick employees UI is getting a lot better - “9 sick employees” is nice instead of a wall of notifications. And the sick tag in the Employee tab is nice, but it would still be nice to see which employee is sick within the bizman scheduler, or be able to quickly toggle “sick employees” somehow from the employee tab. I have 500+ employees and 80 businesses, so there is still a lot of searching and clicking.

When adding items for furniture delivery, there is no visual indication that you are adding anything to a cart- I thought it was broken until I closed out the item screen and saw I had added a bunch to my order. And it crashes if you try to order too many items. Otherwise, the system seems great!

I noticed there is not delivery option at the office supply store (Mr. Scott’s). Hopefully that is an oversight, as office desk delivery is one of the big requests for delivery, from what I’ve seen!

Both new vehicles are nice - although it would be fun to see stored boxes in the back of the F150.

Parking Zones make sense - some places are free, some charge - it wasn’t immediately clear that I would just be charged at the end of the day, but that makes sense as it depends on how many hours you were parked there, etc.