Infinite foodbarlimit

It seems like that the bar for food could be fuller than 100%.
I ate a bit more than necessary and the bar stayed more than 1 day at 100%.

You can eat if the bar is not full. So if it’s 99%, you can eat and internally it will get to above 100%. Just imagine you’re almost full but still want to eat that large delicious cake… :slight_smile:
Once the bar has reached 100% (or more), you can’t eat anymore.

Mhh, than it seems that there is another bug regarding the foodbar, because it stayed for more than one day at 100%.

I just double checked and found the issue: The bar is not reducing while you’re standing still. You can stand for several days and won’t get hungry. If you walk around or work, the bar will reduce.
The same is true for energy, but there I think it’s correct (only reducing while you’re active).
Github issue for this bug:

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Bug is fixed in the meantime.