Incorrect/Unclear Business Performance Data?

While trying to test the effects of marketing, pricing, etc on sales I noticed that the information provided does not seem to be consistent. I am using a law firm for the simplicity of Hourly Units. I used a Monday-Sunday Week.

  • The 7 Days sales graph bullets appear to stay the same for ~3+ Weeks in a Row but the actual unit amount sold on the inventory & pricing page changes each week. In week 4 the amount sold on one of the days does not match the chart. The chart shows 50+ Hours Billed on Day 132 but if you take (day 132 revenue in Econoview)/price = 24 Hours not 50+ Hours.

  • On the inventory & pricing page the previous period Comparisons listed below the current period data (~X Items sold last period) don’t seem to match what I actually observed week 3 billed 278 Hours $69,250, Week 2 Billed 268 Hours $60,300, Week 1 Billed 296 Hours $66,600. Below Week three data it says the 290 Hours $65,550 last period? My Data says previous week should be 268 Hours $60,300.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve looked into it:

  1. “The 7 days sales graph”. The problem is actually just in the label. This graph only visualizes how many potential customers you had. For a retail business, it would be how many entered the building. For office-based, it would be how many you were in contact with. Not every “visitor” converts into a customer. That’s the difference you’re seeing. We’ll look into changing the wording.

  2. I’ve found an issue with how we calculate these values. A fix will be shipped in the next update :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Sounds good maybe you could call it “(foot/vehicle) traffic”, “visitors”, etc. over time instead of “Customers over Time”. Or you could potentially add an additional line to the graph that shows the “visitor” that convert to customers underneath the “visitor” line.

For Example:
“Visitors” Line: -------------------------
“Customers” Line: ____________