Incorrect Stock Count (build 482)

After the 482 hot fix the stock count in bizman displays only items on the stands not including the boxes on the storage shelves.
New Ampire Save Game.json (1.0 MB)

I noticed this as well. I was quite shocked to see an entire storage shelf filled with soda, when the bizman told me I only had 60 total.

Unfortunately, this messed up the whole shipping pipeline since the shelves are overfilled and calculated incorrectly.

One more comment, I think this has affected also the Item Stock of the warehouse

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Found one more spot which has incorrect calculation. As you can see on the first screen how much I order and on the second screen, how much I`m going to get.

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Hi @Ampire, the issue should be fixed in the latest build 486. Can you confirm?

Hi @Gerwanese, from what I can see, looks like it is fixed, but not for the deliveries in the warehouse.

Just to make sure, you already installed the latest update from today and are playing with build 486?
Can you attach a savegame where new deliveries are still wrong?

I double checked, the build is 486. One thing to add to my previous comment, the only thing isn’t fixed is the “deliveries” count. Here`s the save file
New Ampire Save Game.json (3.3 MB)

Alright, I could verify it.
After one week running, deliveries of cheap gifts went from 1,080,000 to 1,440,000 - that’s plus 360,000.
The consumption of 5,185 doesn’t fit as well. Your two gift shops just sold a bit more than 1,500 during the last 7 days.
Some more fixing to do… :slight_smile:

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Transferred to Github:

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It should be fixed on build 490. Thank you for reporting it!

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