Incorrect Neighborhood/District Names

Some of the District Names appear to be incorrect if you are modeling the city after NYC:

  • What is named Hell’s Kitchen in the game actually appears to be the Flatiron Neighborhood/District. Includes Flatiron Building, Met Life Tower, One Madison Park, Madison Square Park, etc.

  • What is named Garment Neighborhood/District in the game actually appears to be all or part of the Chelsea Neighborhood/District. The garment district does not go all the way to the Hudson River

List of Manhattan neighborhoods - Wikipedia

Not a bug, it’s just modeled based on NYC. (Not actually NYC)
You could suggest that they be renamed tho.

Hey! You’re absolutely right, we’re quite far from a realistic map.

Manhattan is far bigger than what we can do. However, we need the neighborhoods and the different characteristics they bring. Initially, we thought about coming up with our own names for the neighborhoods (and even the city name, like GTA does), but we felt it would lose the New York vibe too much.

Eventually, we ended up merging neighborhoods together. We mainly chose Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen because many players will recognize the names. Garment District and Murray Hill are less known, so we used those for the areas with fewer landmarks (being less recognizable).

I hope it makes sense. It was really a matter of choosing between bad and worse :smiley:

Do you see any possibility of expanding the map as a DLC in the future? I think that would be awesome.