Impossible to save on Linux

Hi, i can’t save my game. I have access to the blue button. when i click on it, it says game has been saved in a green notification bar (so far so good). But when i quit and hit continue or saved game: no saved game !
Currently running on Linux (Mint) version with no other problems

EDIT: savegame works in compatibility mode (proton experimental)

Hi there,

We don’t really support Mint, so it might be a distro issue. Switching to Proton will change the savegame path. Did you chmod the savegame folder? That might be it. I think the path is $HOME/.config/unity3d on Mint.

in native mod (before 4 july), game had access to create saves folders but couldn’t read them for some reasons. Those saves aren’t displayed in game in proton mode:

@jokoho482 You’re more into Linux than me. Any suggestions for @namaspamouss?

In Proton mode the game uses a different path for the save games as far as I know. so you need to copy the saves to the folder path Proton uses