Import ordering by price

itd be nice to have an option where we can set our import qty’s by price instead of by general qty. ive been having things not auto order because the price changed and they didnt meet the threshold for buying.
apologies if this has already been suggested.

The price shouldn’t change - it’s the quantity that’s changing. If you set your auto-orders to repeat, they will only fill up the warehouse to the target number you said.

So if you have it set to 500, and your warehouse only has 50, it will order 450. But if the next shipment day, the warehouse still has 350, it will only try to order 150. If that doesn’t hit the price threshold, it won’t order that day.

So the issue isn’t a changing price, but that you might need to adjust your targets for the inventory.

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Oh, I’ll just increase my stock numbers then, thanks for your help!

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