Hi, been talking on discord about this ideas, and it’s what we came up with:

A new company/contact that setup stuff for us :

  • You call them, choose the adress, the type of goods you want to have on the shop, they’ll automatically setup the shop regarding of the max capacity, using the furnitures needed that you wanted, for a large cost, they’ll handle everything (like all furniture price added +25%)

  • OR, You call them, Adress, you choose the furnitures and numbers that you’ll need, they will just setup the shop, for a large price as well (like all furniture price added +25%)

  • OR, You call them, they’ll just setup the place with items received from delivery or shelve in the shop/appart/office, for a lower price since you’ll need to buy the furniture (like smthing related to sqm)

This idea would really help people setting up shops or offices, since at a time we slow down and engage more in investements or real estate, with this idea, people will keep opening stuff in late/end game

But I would not let this possibility until at least first or second year, so people HAVE to setup shops themselves at the beginning!

Other idea:

Something around public services, I’ve got the idea of calling a number to block a road to better access with the semi, since it’s a nightmare to handle on the streets and always blocking everything, having a number to the Mayor’s office to pay for like half a day to block the road you choose, parking and road, that would help

And regarding this Mayor thing, there could be a lot of possibilities regarding this, having to do “missions” for the mayor (if we want) like setup an apartment, fill up the church, lend some money or simply having more garbage can if our shops to make the city “cleaner” or having a free lawyer office

And this would give us either discounts on taxes, or discount on real estate, or even opening the way to a political carreer, that would make the billboards adds amazing !