I would like to find out more about a furniture delivery contract

I would like to open an “everything store” selling a variety of products in a store with a building capacity of 75.
I would need to bring in a wide variety of shelves, and since my store is far from an electronics store and it would be a terrible hassle to bring everything in by my own car, I would like to have some of it delivered.
However, I have forgotten what I requested them to deliver. When I call them they tell me that there is a contract in place that they are scheduled to deliver, but won’t let me verify the contract.
I have to wait a day before continuing the process just to find out. That is quite a hassle.

For example, if there is a hiring campaign in progress, I can call City Workforce Inc. and they will tell me what campaign is in progress.
Why won’t AJ Pederson & Son tell me what I ordered about my order?

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Because when you order something, it tells you in the discussion what you ordered ans where it’s going to be delivered. It even gives you the hour.

Uh, so they should appear in the Contacts log?
If so, this is a localization issue.

I am unable to know at this time how many of which items were actually ordered.

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Ah, perhaps this is the answer.
The tags in the original are broken by Google Translate.

Does {amount} contain specific order details? (i.e. not just the number of items?)
If so, I need to adjust the Japanese localized text I have registered now. I thought only the total number of items would appear there.

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Big Ambitions 3_27_2023 11_05_22 PM

Yes, it should look like this.

Lots of translations have broken issues this this, and most of them have been fixed (just not uploaded yet!)

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OK, thanks! This screenshot is very helpful!
I may need to tweak the localization text a bit more.
(Currently Google Translate is applied and I am the one who is registering the new text in this KEY)

I need more screenshots on contact logs like this one…
Tags alone may be far from the original meaning or may be phrased in a grammatically incorrect way, since we don’t know what information is actually contained in that tag in the game.

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