I really liked the game --- but it's fading fast

I don’t know what the game is. Is a shop management game? Or is it an empire building game (thus the “Big Ambitions”)? Or is it a “build an empire by managing tons of shops” game?

I ask because so many of the features being discussed are micromanagement type things. Am I really supposed to own 100 businesses and do the scheduling and health insurance assignment management for each one? It’s fun to manage a few shops and learn what it takes, but if I’m supposed to do that same thing 100 times. It’s just a fetch game then and pretty mindless once you’ve managed a few.

Hello, glad you like the game overall!

It’s a role-playing business sim. You open small businesses or huge corporations any way you like.

Seems like you’ve created an unrelated connection there, but yeah, you can build your empire!

You can run 100 businesses if you want to!

Or you can run a few businesses, if you’d rather!

The game is still developing, so many late-game features that will be automating the massive empire late-game don’t exist yet, but will be coming.

Despite the patronizing responses, the last bit is really the substance of the response and thank you, I think it is time to stop playing for a while. I’ve gotten pretty big and the game is just a lot of rinse and repeat right now. I will wait for later-phase stuff to come out in the coming releases.

No patronizing - just replying! If you want to run it one way, you can, but if you don’t like that, you can run it another way! That’s the great thing about having options of how you run your empire!

We look forward to when you come back and see all the improvements and look forward to more feedback and suggestions!

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