I need to know what to test in this game

anyways I need ideas what i can ‘try to break’ or ‘test’ in big ambitions. I never really played many games this early in development. any parts of the game I should ‘focus’ on. I just about memorized the begining of the game. Just want idea’s I can ‘test’ for Jonas. I pretty much mostly just have ideas for the game. I’m not sure what to actually ‘test’ now or if I should play past 2nd business and beyond. not sure what I can do at this time. Just ideas for now. thanks, Larwin.

You just play it, if you find something that feels off, something that it broken or if something stops working, then you can report it.

When an update arrives, try to recreate your issue, if it’s fixed, hurray, if not, record it again.

After a while, when you feel confident enough, try to do things the game doesn’t intend you to do, try spamming the metro, crashing cars, stuff like that, and if it doesn’t work as intended then report your findings.

Feedback is the main feature when testing games, as it is what allows it to improve, and progress. The more feedback the devs get, the better the game will feel for those who join in later, or buy the game at retail.

You can also suggest new features to enhance the experience. When you do so, try to look at what other games (within similar genres) have done, and think about if it would fit into the mechanics of the game you’re testing.

Usually experiencing a wealth of games is good as it allows you to make sound judgement of the intended use of features, but new players are just as useful as they can suggest unorthodox features and improvements.

BTW in the second business, I encountered a unique bug, so playing it as much as possible between alpha cycles is the best, as it can lead to finding unique bugs.

Btw sorry if this felt a bit generalised, but I feel that going over the whole game tester proccess will benefit people in the long run.

  • Alain