I Made a Parking Hotkey Mod!

It was bugging me that there seemed to be no way to rebind the P hotkey (Its on the other side of the keyboard for christs sake) so I made a mod for it!

The mod requires Melon Loader and comes with a config file to change the hotkey (default is tab)
I will create detailed install instructions if there is enough interest.

Since to my knowledge this seems to be one of the first mods, I want to take the time to ask the devs how they feel about modding the game in its current state? I am interested in potentially creating a library for mod creation, but I would like to get some feedback first.

Feel free to give any mod requests. I’m definitely interested in making more.

Download Mod

Also I just want to say that this game is incredible. This game feels like one of the most polished games I’ve played in years, and its in EARLY ACCESS!

I’ve been digging through what I can see of the code and its clear you have some talented engineers. The game has huge potential (especially with mods!) and I cant wait to see what comes!

If you go to Options > Controls, you can rebind your keys. “Secondary Interact” is the one you want to change.

Good to know :laughing:

Not a very intuitive name in my opinion.

I was more looking for something simple to do as a test mod. If you have any suggestions let me know!

I hear ya. Maybe it could have a description or something pop up with more detail about its purpose! :man_shrugging:

wow that was fast man … good job