HR Managers can't do schedules

I know there’s a button to autofill a schedule; but it didn’t work when I tried it. The schedule changed, but it left gaps and things I didn’t expect.

I’m assuming it should just try to fill all of the opening hours with the number of hours required by each staff member.

You mention “gap”, are you talking about cleaning employees? If so…that’s good. You don’t need 24/7 coverage of cleaners.

No; although I thought it might put cleaners outside of opening hours - but it didn’t. This would matter if they were actually in stores getting in the way of people buying products, but that isn’t simulated.

It did also add more cleaner time than I had, but what I had was working, so who is right, the HR manager or me?

But the gaps, IIRC were because I had a store open 7 days and two of the days just didn’t get scheduled at all. I’ll have a proper look later.

Hmm. Please submit a bug report and reference this post so I can check it out and get back to you afterward.