How's restocking supposed to work?


first of all as this is my first post: Great game. I think the state of the game is already really awesome, keeping in mind that it was just released into early access. I found a few bugs/kinks that I will post later but I first wanted to ask for the restocking logic.

When numbers get low in shelves or machines these warning signs appeaer in either orange or later red.

Even though employees seem to be bored at the time this screenshot was taken, they don’t bother to fill them up.

I haven’t really had an issue with an empty shelve as long as stock was present somewhere in the shop but I wonder why the warnings appear even though employees seem to be set to either only stock before closing the doors or when they get fully empty.

I assume this isn’t implemented at all but for a good business it’s usually expected to have shelves stocked asap to not look empty or “half full” at all. Maybe this is something that could be implemented (though not urgent at all obviously).

After all I’m not sure if the animation that happens in the store does have anything to do with the success of the store at all. The store seems to be mostly empty when I enter it only to fill up quite a bit later and show long queues - no matter if at the end of the day my numbers are great or not.

At least for restocking and cleaning there don’t seem to be animations at all sadly.

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