How to use driver?

Hi there (i already submitted a bug report)
I cant use my drivers of the warehouse.
I assigned a driver to the van
Stock in the warehouse is well stocked
I put the minimum stock amount to 300-1100 depending on the product.
I got a logistisc manager and waited for almost a week now to make sure i covered his working hours
But not a single delivery has been made so far
I dont have a schedule in the warhouse hub menu, is this normal?

I replied on discord, but just in case you don’t see it -

There is no schedule for drivers, they just deliver at midnight automatically, as long as you have a driver assigned, the logistics set up to deliver somewhere, and inventory in the warehouse - which you already said you did all that, so, it sounds like you’re doing the process right.

One thing that many people seem to be unclear on at the moment is that you need the small storage racks in the retail store you’re trying to supply. If you don’t have that, the trucks won’t have anywhere to put the deliveries, so they will not deliver.

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yea i saw it, thanks again and hope people will find this post when they struggle to :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! We have added that as an objective on the tutorial :sunglasses:



Is there an issue with the logistics in beta 3? I haven’t had a single shipment go out yet, it’s been about a week. The stock has changed but the balance remains the same. None of my stores are showing any new product either.

There is, it’s buggy. Looking into it :slight_smile:

Awesome thanks!

Now fixed :slight_smile: Beta 3: Build 880 hotfix

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