Hospital suggestion and issues in gameplay

So I’m trying to figure out how to do a rags to retail storyline but you can’t start with zero and sleep in the park as you run out of energy before you finish your first shift, end up in hospital and then get a minus $1,800 balance every time.

Can I suggest that you can finish your shift before passing out and when you do pass out you don’t get taken to the hospital. I suggest that when I run in to the road and get smashed by a car I get damage like a car does when you crash and if your damage gets to zero you end up in the hospital and it shouldn’t be $1,800. I know we’re based in NYC here and Americans pay for the hospital but this is too much if you’re trying to do rags to riches/retail and here in the UK we have the NHS. Perhaps make it $900 or $1000 max

That’s a big part of what you have to balance. If you try to do too much in one day, you pass out.

As for the prices - the ambulance ride alone would be over $1000!