I must have close to 30 stores, but I can’t manage their supply well, how do I know exactly how many supplies I have to supply per day for a company, how do I calculate it? moreover, isn’t there a GDOC with the exact number of supplies to supply per day for a company if satisfaction >100% marketing >100% for the 8 buisness types and on the 4 différents districts?

If you use Purchasing Agents with repeating deliveries and Logistics Managers, you shouldn’t have to micromanage the exact amounts - they will deliver up to the number you set, so as long as that number is enough for the store and you have enough shelves, you shouldn’t have to keep checking it.

But no, there is no exact number as it depends on competition from other stores and market demand, what size building you’re in, the foot traffic, customer satisfaction, etc.

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Just set almost all items around 2k or 3k worth of inventory and you’ll usually be good (I think Cigar’s are the only thing I have to set higher since 8 shelves is almost 8k cigars). You can stack storage shelves right next to each other (Don’t have to worry about placement as the deliveries will always get to them and inventory will always be pulled from them from what I can see). Get a LOT of storage shelves in every store and just overstock.

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Okay :slight_smile: