Help system is not working

Hi! This new Help system, that was implemented in Alpha 10 is not complete at all or just not working. Several pages are filled with information and links, but if I want to see details or click a link it just says “help_supermarket_content” or "help_***_content. 90% of pages are like this. So should it be like this or is it a bug?

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Pretty sure it’s just not finished yet. There are lots of placeholders right now, like many item descriptions also say something like “description coming soon”.

Side note for the Devs - for the pages that are populated, however, I am enjoying the Help section so far!

The problem is that in my Help System only 3 pages has some information, other pages are blank. I have nothing to enjoy at all.

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Very true - it’s still the barebones Alpha of a very new feature, and I believe that so far it only explains the Gift Shop, Stack of Baskets, Cheap Gift and Rounded Table.

However, I like how they’ve laid out the idea. Each page is linked together, explaining what you need, which components work together, and it gives you locations you can buy items. Very limited so far, but the idea and implementation of the section that works is exactly what is needed for the everything else.

Hi guys,

Yes it’s very limited right now. It’s quite time consuming setting up these help pages, so now we’re collecting data on how players are using it. Looks good so far, so I expect to add a lot of new help content soonish.

If you have any feedback to the existing pages or the system overall, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Closing this as it’s not a bug but just work in progress. :slight_smile:

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