Has anyone was able to make profit?

The last task is to make 100$ profit from each business and it feel impossible, how does it suppose to happened?

It’s almost as hard as the real world right now :smiley: I’m planning on rebalancing revenue this week.

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I was briefly able to make the $100 profit on both businesses and finish the task. Shortly after that, the customers were unhappy and was no longer profitable again.

It is easy to make money.
Just buy in the large wholesale store.
Take the handcart from the small wholesale store with you.

Here is a small overview of costs (not all products):
Stock crowd small Store Big Store
CheapGift 200 1.100 (5,50) 900 (4,50)
PaperBag 1000 550 (0,55) 450 (0,45)
SodaCan 60 132 (2,20) 108 (1,80)

Costs in (*) are the costs per piece.
(Tested with Version 132)

i might have to try using the bigger store. small store is just a bit closer to where i started. maybe if I could keep a hand truck by the big store or try the fork lift. I also found training employees makes an impact on sales.

once i have my stores set with employees and well stocked i like to work at the grocery store for extra cash and you can fast forward your shifts

now that shifts are working an idea I had to play is once stores are stock work on fast forwarding you days alternating working at the supermarket and sleeping when your stamina is down. thats at least 2 shifts fast forward and other 8 hours spent restocking. if somehow players can get this system to work they may end up making money faster by playing the game faster. you can also wait to stock about 2 or 3 hours after working at supermarket per day that’s at least enough time to stock one store with a load with a hand truck or vehicle. your daily routine 8-16 supermarket 16-24 managment (restocking etc.) 0-8 sleep. just an idea for those that want an organized day. you might need to fudge on management time so you have more sleep time and can be sure to be at work so you dont get fired.

also is optional to use fridge in your apartment. You can buy food before you work or after you work to restore hunger. or stock the fridge if you want to at end of shift. should be able get at least 4 meals added to fridge per day and 3 if you need to eat. I think you can sometimes miss a day of eating cause hunger doesnt totally drain.

Comfortably making over $1k a day per business isnt that hard?? Currently making $10k a day with Gift shop, cafe and Solicitors office with about 30 employees.

It’s definitely much better balanced now!!

Well, by playing this game with every release and starting a new game I can definitely say, without some background experience the first experience can be difficult. So, with every new start, my revenue is only growing and never goes negative (only those first days of the tutorial). Knowing what business requires and how much it will cost to prepare makes it easier. Now, on day 64, my clean profit is $359k, and this is only the profit, the real income is bigger and I only have 8 businesses now. What would I advice, start with small buildings (75m2), by investing the money into equipment and staff. As for businesses, the gift shop is a good way to make money, cheap equipment and cheap goods.