Happiness 100% task bug

Hello, I have a bug with the goal of happiness which requires reaching 100% what I did on the supporting photos but the goal is still present would you have a solution please ?

Can you please open the “Persona” app and check the exact number there? If it’s showing 100%, please attach a screenshot of your happiness including the modifiers there, so we can check that.

bug 2

I just managed to pass the bug after 72 hours in the game the objective is passed as accomplished I still don’t understand what happened but the main thing is that I was able to pass to the next objective. Thank you for your very quick response. :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know. The issue is being investigated, but the cause hasn’t been found yet.

In my case, I took a cab to my house from the park, and then it counted.

Hello! Thank you for the report. The bug will be fixed in EA 0.1 build 1714!

Until the patch is up, saving and reloading will do the trick :ninja: