GUIDE: Starting out

First run to building and rent apartment. Dont go in yet tho, head to the “El Gato Foods” store on the corner, and apply for the job. Then you can go rest, make sure you get up between 6:45 and 7:45 so you can make it to work. Now rush those 8 hours through, head to the appliance store, and buy a Standard Fridge. Bring it home and get it placed, now head back to the “El Gato” store and buy 4x fresh food, and the head back to the apartment. Now DO NOT eat any food before you sleep (you do not need it now). Now again sleep to between 06:45 and 07:45 again, eat some food when you wake up, and head to work.

The second you get off work, quit your job, and head straight across the road to the bank, and borrow 15.000 $, and now comes the most important thing…time to rent your first store. What we are looking for, is a retail store size 75m², and with as high traffic rating as possible (look on 4th & 5th Avenue). Should be around 35-40 rating.

Now that found your store, time to get some furniture, now get the following from “The Appliance Store”:

1x Storage Shelf
1x Mop
1x Counter
1x Cash Register
1x Rounded Shelf
1x Stack of Shopping Baskets
1x Drinks Fridge

Now we head down to AJ Pederson & Son for:
1x Product Panel.

Now make sure you put it on a handcart, because we will make the run directly to big Wholesale Store NY Distro Inc on 1st street

(unless you have done this very quickly, the store will close before you can make it there, and then you are better off heading back to your store with the product panel, and then back to apartment to sleep).

If you make it to the wholesale store before closing, get the following:

1000x Paperbag
200x Cheap Gift
200x Expensive Gift

If you dident make it, also get:
60x Soda Can

Now setup your store as you want it, we are now ready to open the store, ingame on thursday if everything went as quickly as possible. I would suggest you have the store open from 10-20 or 12-22 the first few days on your own. Do not sleep later than 06:30, because then you can make it to the wholesale store in the morning when they open up at 08:00, and be able to restock the store with the money from the day before.

Now run the store for at least two days , its time to get your first employees, close down the store for a day, head over to the Manhatten Business School (open from 06:00 to 20:00, so get up early) on 4th Avenue, and train Basic Management (10 hours) at head over to Anderson Recruitment Corp. at the corner of 5th Avenue and 1st Street. Ask them to look for no more than 3-4 persons.

Now head back home, sleep up and eat breakfast. Head to the store and work the cash register and wait for all the applicants to drop into the contact list. Now hire the best two. Best one you put into your schedule for weekdays, and the second one you send off directly to school until she/he is skill 100 in customer service.

The cost of getting to skill 100 will be worth it very very quickly, as customers will be returning to the store to buy more, but dont bother hiring anyone below skill 70, since you can only train up 10 skills at the time at the moment (might be subjject to change perhaps).

Call the agency and ask for 1 cleaner. Work the cash register yourself the first coming weekend, and when you worker is skill 100, swap her/him with your other worker, and get that one to skill 100 as well. Now when that is done, make one work monday to thursday for 9 hours a day, and the other one friday to sunday, 10 hours a day. There is current no need for cleaning skills, so get the cheapest, have her/him come to work for 1 hour in the morning, and 1 hour in the middle of the day.

Now your shop should be able to generate a nice and steady profit, and you just have to keep it stocked up, and our beloved uncle Fred comes to our rescue yet again…time to head south towards the docks to the car dealer, Fred left us a little four wheeled gift.

Next quest from Fred we should allready have made in advance, if not, head to the appliance store in your new car, and get a drinks fridge, and head over to the wholesale store and buy some soda’s (fill up the car, these will sell constantly). Now put up the fridge in the store, and wait until we have some cash in the bank for the next part. You can raise the prices a bit, just so get a bit more profit out of the store.

Now the next thing we should do is looking into marketing, because your little shop has alot more profits to be made, so head over to “McCain’s eMarketing” at the corner of 3rd Avenue and 4th Street, and have a chat.

I would suggest not spending more than 1000$ a day on this first store until you have a bigger store, since you will quickly reach the 15 customers pr hour in the small stores.

I know the Uncle Fred questline sends you out to open another business, but beware its expensive to get a second store up and running, and there is no point in heading into another 75m² store, but go for a 225m² sized store, so I would advice to get at least 25.000$ banked (make sure you take your 8 hour shifts everyday in your first store to max daily profits)


Hey Claus! This is a really good guide for maximing productivity on new games. Pretty cool, thank you for sharing!