Guide / How to get $500K/day before day 90 in game!

Big Ambitions Guide

Please be cool with me, i’m not really good in english but i hope you will understand my Guide !

This is a guide for people who want to restart from begening.

How to get 500K before day 90 in game

Step 1

  • Important information to follow !

  • Follow the starting guide (From your uncle), until the end. However, please read the steps below.

Step 2

  • When you have to buy your first business, take a very small place that will cost you very little money ( It will be temporary ) !
    Take a place close to the supply store and to your home of departure. ( This will avoid unnecessary travel )
    I suggest a building of 54 m2, which will cost you 2-4k deposit.


  • Don’t abuse on the purchase at the beginning.
  • 1x Storage Shelf
  • 2x Rounded Shelf
  • 1x Cleaning Station / Mop
  • 1x Cash register / Counter
  • 1x Shopping basket
  • 1x Drink Fridge
    You can buy Expensive Gift in the big WholeSale Store south of town. Don’t forget to make a delivery agreement with them for your gift store.


Step 3

  • This is the most time consuming part, you need to manage your time to keep the store stocked and go to school to recruit your employees.

This should be done in less than 15 game days.

Step 4

  • When you will be able to borrow 8000$ to buy your second store, wait (read more).

  • First, make sure you have met all the requirements for your gift store. Of course, have the employees necessary for a 24/7 business.


  • The demands and satisfaction of the employees will not be important at this time. Take what you think is best for the moment.

  • If all goes well you will generate about 1500$ per day.

Step 5

  • At this stage it is important to do exactly what i tell you in the order below, to avoid shortage of money and to prepare your future expenses.

  • When you can have a second business rent a building of 225 m2 (the location is not important).

  • Important, this store must be a Clothing store. Don’t hire employees until you have fulfilled all the requirements of the store.

In a 225 m2 store, you will need this:

  • 24x Clothing Rack ( 3x of each type of clothing )

  • 2x Cash Register

  • 1x Shopping Baskets

  • 1x Cleaning Shelf

  • 5/6x Storage Shelf

  • Now you need to hire employees, its important to hire with more 80%. ( You can train skill if you prefer get 100% )

Step 6

  • For the warehouse/head office, here is what I suggest.

  • Headquarter take a small building since it’s not useful to have a big one ( can be changed later )
    Recruit 3 employees and prepare 3 offices for them ( 2x Purchasing agents / 1x Logistics Managers )

  • Purchasing Agent #1 → BlueStone Import ( Clothing stuff )

  • Purchasing Agent #2 → JetCargo Import ( PaperBags )

  • The storage warehouse, make sure it is double (for 2 deliverers). VERY IMPORTANT. This will allow you to deliver to 4 stores.

Step 7

  • When all store requirements are completed, when employees work at 24/7, this clothing store will bring in over $30K/$50K per day.

Important next step:

  • Now that the money is coming into your pocket, here is a brief follow-up.

1- Have a double warehouse only for clothing.
2- Buy a second double warehouse only for PaperBags.
3- If you wish, you can now fire all your employees from the gift store and destroy the store.
4- Buy 3 more clothing stores but only of 1000 m2.
5- If you want more store, just buy a other double warehouse and 2 more purchasing agents … ( repeat the previous steps )

Each clothing store with 1000m2 when the conditions are met (and open 24/7), you will have more than 100K / 225K $ per day for each store.

Thanks for your time and i hope i would help someone to get a good start in this game !