Graphics and audio

Can anyone explain why I cannot change graphics, it just says “Placeholder_key”

Cannot not lower menu music volume or any other volume in menu.

I have 0 hours game play atm, just about to start playing

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The patch this morning should prevent that from happening anymore. Are you still seeing it now after updating?

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Nope, seems to be fixed.

Since playing the game this past few days, I noticed another issue which is strange.

If I use my Logitech wireless headphones, the in-game volume automatically goes up down, up down, up down. I can’t use my volume control buttons on my headphones either, they become inactive. I tried another pair of wireless headphones in-game and they worked just fine and I was able to use their volume control buttons to raise and lower the volume.

I used the Logitechs on another game and no issue, nor on desktop. Just seems to be with BA it happens, very odd as the first day I played BA with the Logitech headphones it worked flawlessly and I was streaming at the same time.

Also on the first play day, the gameplay was super smooth getting anywhere from 100fps to 162fps, but now I am noticing these tiny micro stutters in game play with the same FPS.

I will run some more tests tonight just to confirm the issue still persists but it is definitely happening.

I still have this problem. But only in the main menu.

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Yes - we figured out the underlying issue and should be patching it soon! After that it shouldn’t be an issue any more :crossed_fingers:

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