Game Economy Balancing

What sort of things do you have to implement to balance a game and allow some items to appear rarer and have more value?

Hey mate,

Do you mean how to figure out which products or business type to foucs on for most profit?

something like that. actually this topic i think has a bigger scope than just buying or selling at a store. but i don’t know if something like that can be implemented into big ambitions. maybe if it was applied to something like super star employees or rare to obtain items in game. in real life i guess it would be a bit more like ‘supply and demand’. for big ambitions would we want something like that to simulate supply and demand. or rather keep our unlimited supply of items to make it so it’s not that hard to keep our stores stocked. would some sort of mechanic be implemented to simulate supply and demand? it be a bit more realistic but may complicate flow of game. sure like in alpha 5 i liked unlimited money and everything but is simulating realistic economy going to be difficult for this game. just some thoughts. like the city businesses could have some limits but have a surplus or shortage from time to time. this could be a difficulty setting that may be implemented later. having the game with unlimited everything is definately much easier.

implementing a surplus and shortage setting would definately add to the challenge of the game and sometimes encourage the player to look into other possible marketing items.