Game crashes computer randomly

this is the crash on the event viewer I hope this shows up like it should. Event ID 41 if image doesn’t show

There is nothing I’m doing that causes the crash as I am doing different things like driving or placing objects in a store setting up a warehouse it has happened multiple different times doing different things.
I verified integrity of files and uninstalled and reinstalled the game. I also ran memtest and it all came back perfectly fine as the even viewer error code suggested maybe something wrong with my ram. I have tried every fix I can find and I’m out of ideas

Sorry to hear you’re having this issue! What are your computer specs? Might be a GPU or processor issue

Intel i9 10850k, nvidia rtx 3060,16 gigs of dd4 ram i dont remember the exact mother board but its a sabertooth something. I have a solid state so im not running off a hard drive. Everything is up to date drivers and bios i can play a list of like 200 other games and have not had a problem with any of them the computer is fairly new maybe 2 years old.