Game breaking bug

Hi, found an awful game breaking bug.

The character disappeared after sleeping. It stops everything from interacting, to saving the game. I didn’t want to overwrite my save and not the progress I spent the last 4 hours on has gone.

I don’t know what happens to cause it, but not long before the bug happened, the appliance store was acting up.

It also only triggered when I went to sleep.

Hi @animeotaku, if this happens again it would be great if you could attach the file player.log located at C:\Users<USERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Hovgaard Games\Big Ambitions
The file is overwritten every time you start the game, so it’s important to copy it right afterwards.

@jhovgaard Maybe it would be good to introduce auto-saving (for example once per ingame day) to avoid loss of progress in those cases. During alpha and beta bugs like this might still happen a few times.

I did start back up to see where my progress was so it did likely end up overwriting. Sorry.

But I’ll make sure to next time!

You might still have it. Unity also keeps the previous log file. It’s named “Player-prev.log”, same location :slight_smile:

@Gerwanese totally agree. Let’s have auto-save scheduled for Alpha 9 :+1: