FUTURE FEATURE: Event based capacity and demand

It would be cool if capacity and demand changed over different seasons, like christmas, easter etc. Christmas might increase demand for gift shops, black friday might double the capacity, stuff like that, in addition to chance based positive and negative events.

Such an event could include a pandemic event where 2 or less of the following would occur; 1/4 demand on all items, enforced closing of gift shops and/or fast food retail, reduced effectiveness of non-voogle ads, increased effectiveness of voogle ads, random staff absences for 1 or more days, additional staff demands, increased delivery sales (if you ever add a shop-to-door delivery mechanic to the game) etc, or presidential election day, decreased effectiveness of non-gift or non fast food shops, increased fast food demand, increased fast food capacity, increased staff absences, increased staff demands.

Just to name a few…

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