Furnished Buildings

So we all know about the furniture in rented office bug that was quickly patched after the release of Beta 2. But what if it wasn’t a bug but instead a feature.

Imagine that at a toggle of a button we could (at the cost of a large lump sum payment) select to rent out a fully furnshied office, retail store or apartment.

I literally spent 3 in game days furnishing my large office with 50 desks, tables and computers and thought it would have been easier and more time effiecient to rent out a fully furnished office and just find employees to assign them to.

In the early game it makes sense for the owner/founder to be engaging in business setup because of the limited budget, but in the late game we have enough money and too many business to run just to focus on the setup of one business. It also dramatically slowdowns your ability to expand quickly.

Hi! Not sure if I fully understand, but right now you can send overtake offers to AI businesses (retail/office) for a big amount of money and if they accept the offer you’ll have the whole business fully furnished

That’s not available for apartments, though


Yes I understand the takeover function, but in that instance you are buying a fully fledged business and getting access to its workforce, equipment and cashflows/revenue streams.

What I am alluding to is a quick setup function where you simply just get a furnished store or office. The player can then take care of hiring and sourcing products.

A big consideration is that take for example a website business with 50 capacity is selling for $2,700,000 whereas it would only cost me $150,000 to furnish it. The difference between the two is the time to hire employees and build the business’s brand/reputation and the existing cashflows. This represents a $2,550,000 premium, which is valid but I would rather just take care of those aspects on my own.

We already have a feature suggestion for furnished shops, you can find it here:

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