From discord reposting bug here

  1. i cant enter appliance store

Larwin Today at 8:50 PM

seems i have to click just right. the navigating of this game seems awkward to me.

Larwin Today at 11:00 PM

meaning box you see on building you have to rotate so that box goes over building which is unnecessary complication for me or my pc sux for this game.

  1. [11:02 PM]

if i mouse over building when building is below my character box is over my character and i cant get it to go under mouse unless i rotate building.

  1. [11:03 PM]

feels awkward for me

  1. [11:06 PM]

the box always been like this since alpha 5.

are you supposed to click on building or box when its over building to enter building?

i know it says closed but i seem to have to click when box is over building by rotating. this has been like this since alpha 5 at least for me.

  1. shoot i thought you had to click on the box not the building. cause it says click to enter guess i was confused sorry.

  2. [11:35 PM]

works like it should i guess

i post again if i find other quirks. but this time the quirk was just me trying to figure out that box and if it wanted me to click on the box. i guess i got this figured out now. hopefully i understand this feature now.

You don’t need to click the box to enter a building, but you do need to click it if you want to rent it, or check the hours, etc.

And I agree that it can be awkward rotating the camera to be able to click things properly - although it has been this way since the beginning of the public alpha, at least. Personally, I feel recent camera/keyboard controls makes this a lot easier now. But walking/driving/navigating in general still feels slightly awkward sometimes.

I second that, it is awkward to move around. I had to adjust my clicking positions cause for some reason my character thinks it’s reasonable to walk around the lampost onto the road instead of staying on the path.

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Walking currently is a bit troublesome because there are lots of “invisible obstacles” on the streets/sidewalks. That will be fixed in some future update.

Driving a car will get a completely new controller in the future, currently it’s quite hard especially with faster cars.

Besides that, I think entering buildings should be much better now with the latest update.

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Closing this as the bugs should be fixed in the meantime.

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