Folders Or Better Sorting For Businesses

We should be able to create folders to put different buisinesses in because as you progress to mid-late game when you get 10+ businesses it would be good to be able to organise it more clearly.

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I agree! I have no idea how the current drop-down list is sorted. It doesn’t seem to go by title, time created, profitability, or address.

In case you didn’t know, you can type in that drop down list, so you don’t have to search at all!

I am aware of this, but still think it would be good as an organisational tool to be able to separate it, even if it was just by neighbourhood or something.

Nice! That’s cool that you’re aware of that! The other poster was talking about the drop-down list, which is what I replied to “in case you didn’t know”.

And it’s very true, when you have a lot of businesses, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for! When it’s only your first dozen, it’s still really easy to go through, but when you have 100, it’s a lot!

And some better UI options for organizing are coming, but it will be further down the road!