First objectives after apt

Go buy a fridge, and then place fridge. Then go to the store. buy Fresh food.

So After I woke up it was 5 am. and Hours before the Appliance place opened. I saw there were groceries across the street so I went and did the shopping. Not knowing I would need my hands free for the fridge. I had to destroy the Fresh food to buy the fridge.

So my suggestion would be -
Grey out parts of objectives that you can’t do until you finish the previous one.
Or offer delivery on the fridge.
Or an option for “advance time until open” So had I had that option I would have just waited for the appliance store to open.

BTW, you could have taken the bag of food to your apartment and set it down and then gone back for the fridge.

I did think about trying that. But I only saw a Discard button so was not sure that setting them down was an option.

My comment is completely for the new user experience.

Totally makes sense and is a valid point!