Finance/EconoView Bug

Delayed/Inconsistent/Incorrect Recording of Revenue & Expenses:

In one of my games I hit day 66 and it stopped showing numbers in the EconoView income statement everything shows up as zero. The Transaction dashboard and cash balance only appears to record the daily wage and training expenses no revenue deposits, rent expenses, etc. are being recorded. I have 11 Jewelry Stores, 1 Fast Food, 5 Law Offices, 2 Warehouses, and 1 HQ. When I walk into my stores customers are buying stuff but, when I sleep to next day it never gets recorded/deposited. I sleep for several days time and at day 72 (~6 Days) it recorded several days worth of revenue and possibly 1 day or multiple days worth of rent expenses. Then I slept a few days again it skipped recording revenue until day 74, 77, 80, 81, 83, etc. Then it appears to start recording daily again for days 84-90. Econoview also appears to not show some expenses (rent, COGS) in some firm specific income statements.

I have had this issue occur in another game before where it skipped recording revenue for a day or two but not several in a row.

Not sure if this has to do with me having so many firms ~20 and/or ~85+ employees (mostly lawyers).


The EconoView displaying 0 benefits is definitely due to a bug. Can you please attach the savegame?

Thank you!

I emailed the save file.

It’s not just the EconoView it affects your cash balance you have daily salary expenses deducted without any revenue being deposited into your account each day so if you don’t have extra cash your balance would go negative.

Hello! It seems that is related to the tables from the The Green Salad shop. They’re breaking the whole game :sweat_smile:
We’re sorry!

I’ve emailed a fixed savegame. This error happens when buying Fast Food Restaurants from AI competitors, and should be fixed on Beta 2.

Sounds Good looking forward to Beta 2.

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