Since the feedback feature on the game is not working it is okay if I leave my feedback here. I just want to say that I really enjoy playing this game.
Some bugs that I have found are:

  1. I am unable to see all the employees that I hired in the myemployees tab. After my 17th employee, the others are only available when I go to make the schedule. I do not know if there is another way I can see the rest of my employees and if it is just me.

  2. When the traffic light turns yellow it also has the green light on as well, unsure if it is intentional or not

  3. There is this glitch where if I look at my supermarket’s schedule and then look at my warehouse schedule, then the warehouse schedule becomes the same schedule as my supermarket. I have not got my warehouse setup or employees scheduled since I am still trying to figure it out, but I just thought this would be something you guys would want to know about.

Some business Ideas that could be cool could be hotel’s/motel, pharmacies, dispensaries, or a nightclub and bars/pubs for customers at night. It would also be cool to add events that could either help the player or challenge the player like, a store gets robbed, a delivery truck for a business got delayed by a day or two, or the price of some items has gone up or down.
It would also be nice to see how much stock is used each day or for a week instead of the last 7-day system that is in place since it can be difficult to see how much stock is needed if you made changes for a business and want to know if the business has increased or decreased.

I have really enjoyed playing this game and I look forward to what you guys add to the game next.