Fast food restaurant

Hi, so far i’ve been playing this game and enjoying it, however, I have no idea how to run a fast food restaurant. I have all the necessary equipment + everything is full on goods, however, when I open the store, it says "the store is open but is missing 1 or more employees. Do I need to hire more employees or is this a bug? So far it’s just me and i’m still selling some stuff and make like $1.30 profit a day lmao.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @DavidJones, the message will show up if there’s at least one cash register (or checkout counter) without assigned employee at that time.
Do you maybe have two cash registers?
For now you could just ignore the message if you know there’s at least one employee on duty.
We probably need to change this behaviour a bit in the future to allow having more employees during the peak hours than during the off-hours (for example a 24h supermarket might just have one employee at night but 3 during daytime).


Turned out it was a stupid question, I did have 2 cash registers but I placed one on the floor thinking it wouldn’t work without a counter. It was quite funny to see my employee going into the backroom to get paper bags instead of the cash register on the restaurant floor.

You just gave me a good idea to open a 24/7 fast food restaurant xD.

Thank you for the help!

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I always have two registers and two employees, if one is out sick the other will cover the store alone unless I want to assign myself and just speed thru the day!
Great way to have coverage!