Extreme "Fog" while driving

I couldn’t see where I was driving. After scrolling in/out on the mouse a few times, it went back to normal

Had the same issue. Also, saving, returning to main menu, and loading solves the issue.

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As a quick workaround, just open the VoogleMaps and close it. Works for me and the fog disappears.

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That’s good to know. I just floored it and prayed :grin: Didn’t seem to take any damage, though, so I guess it worked.

With a little bit of testing, it seems to be happening only if you have a certain zoom level while walking and then enter a car. I had the issue again today, and whenever I got in the car, it would happen again. I got out, zoomed out 1 tick, got in, no issue.

Happened to me i just zoom out using the mouse wheel and its fixed

That makes sense - I didn’t do anything differently while driving, but it’s very likely I had adjusted the camera height differently beforehand and would explain why scrolling in/out fixed it while driving!

The more you are zoomed in before entering the car, the closer the grey area will come. Fully zoomed out or just a little bit zoomed in will leave everything fine for me.

Issue transferred to Github:

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Bug has been fixed in Beta 1.

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