Expand/Upgrade your business

Hi guys,

It would be nice to have the opportunity to upgrade our stores in a unique way.

I suggest two options.

Since most of the buildings in the game have a multi-story visual, it would be nice to take advantage of this.

Upgrade N1: The box storage area.

  • It would have a door inside and outside that would take us down to the basement of the building (same size as the current building) where we could store our products.
    This would add an additional option outside when we right click on our building. Choose whether we want to go into the basement or the storage area.
    The improved storage areas would have a buggy that can carry 10 items (can be taken out to the streets).

Upgrade N2: The improvement of the sales areas.

  • You can pay for an upgrade to your store that will give you a larger volume in m2.
    ( Ex: I have a 75 m2 ā†’ I upgrade it ā†’ I have a 225 m2 )

The Prices for each upgrade will be based on the district and the type of upgrade they give.
Of course, if possible after a store size upgrade, it would be nice if you could see the building from the outside a little bit bigger, which would be a plus.

Sorry for the translation of my text iā€™m french canadian but I hope you understand what I mean here!