Endless Loading

I opened three businesses and collected money for the LawFirm. Rented an office, bought 40 desks to fill the hourly capacity (insane 40 desks). Hired 20 people and started to train them. Assigned the first 10 to different desks. Went home to sleep. When I woke up the daily avenue was blank and didn’t disappear, so I decided to save and load. But, the game can’t load the file. The file weight is 5.75MB, how can I upload it for you to investigate?

Note: After assigning 10 employees to different desks for 8 hours a day, copied the schedule to the whole week, the navigation between days started to lag.

Hi @Ampire, could it be that you saved the game while holding a hand truck in your hands?
There’s a known bug about this:

Hi, I know about this bug from alpha8 and was pretty careful not to save with it equipped.
But here is a fresh update, I closed the game and let it rest for 10min, opened again and the file loaded.
Are there some logs in the game to look why it could happen?

The only logfile would be the Player.log, located at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Hovgaard Games\Big Ambitions
However, that’s overwritten every time you start the game. There’s a Player-prev.log from the previous time you started the game but no older logfiles.

Here is the prev-log, hope something will be useful. Player-prev.log (14.6 KB)

If it will appear again, gonna attach the fresh logs.
Thank you.

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Broke it again =) Watching the endless load right now and not touching anything.
Player.log (170.7 KB)
Pretty nice errors in the logs.

@Ampire It’s definitely different from the hand truck issue. We would need the savegame to check it.
The file upload limit is now 12MB, so you should be able to attach it here.

Ampire.json (8.1 MB)

I think I completely broke it. The daily revenue is not updating for few days and stopped at day 96. I cannot attach the file, because its weight is now 16.3MB =) Here are the fresh logs Player.log (27.2 KB)

Tried to close and open the game again, but this doesn’t fix it as it was with the loading issue.

Any chance you have an update on this issue?

Fresh update. With build 344 the revenue is now updating. Thank you.

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