Employee salaries, wants and demands?

So is was checking the ongoing expenses of my giftshop. I had two employees and worked the weekends myself, but it looks like they get payed everyday. Does somebody knows why that is? They don’t get the full amount though, but they do get payd everyday.

Also, it looks like all employees have the same wants and demands: Free weekends… Are there no other wants and demands yet?
And even if i let them work the weekends, it doesnt look like anythings happens… Do i miss something? There should be a penalty, right?

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Employees get paid everyday. If they’re not assigned/don’t have working hours that day, they’ll get paid at least 4 hours. According to your feedback, we’ll change the way it works to something more reasonable. Thank you for sharing that!

About the demands, right now we only have free weekends, yes. We’ll be adding more! The amount they get exhausted when working depends on the demands met. The more demans they have fulfilled, the less exhausted the get.


Thank you for your reply!

About the demands: I let my emplyee worked 56 hours a week including the weekend and it took him around 50 days before he called in sick.

I like that they call in sick though. Very nice, but i think that if i let them work that much it should happen sooner.


That’s a really good idea! We didn’t contemplate that.

We’ve changed it to follow this:

So, after calling in sick, the next random sick day will depend on the exhaustion. For example, if the employee has ~40 exhaustion (out of 100), next random day will be between current day + 58 and current day + 68.

Thank you for your feedback!


Are you able to set it so the staff only get paid for the hours they work? In the current state, what’s the best way to maximize staff? Should they always work at least four hours per day to cover that overage in pay until it is fixed? Great call on finding this.

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How does the exaustion work? I dont think my employees ever reached above 10? So what you say won’t really work if they dont get that exhausted…. But maybe i missed that, gonna check it later again.

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On Alpha 10, you’ll need to make staff work at least 4 hours everyday so they don’t get paid for not working, yes. We’ll make sure that it changes for Beta 1/2!

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Right now, they get exhausted every hour they work. The amount of exhaust depends on the hours they’re working at (if it’s too soon/too late, they’ll get more exhausted) and the demands met (free weekends right now).

On the other end, every hour they’re not working they rest, so that’s why they won’t get very exhausted. To have them more exhausted you’ll need to make them work many more hours per week.

Of course this is still an Alpha, and it needs a lot of balancing. Strong balancing improvements will come during the Beta versions, but every piece feedback is appreciated! So if you have any ideas for improving employees’ exhaust/rest, we’ll love to hear them :slight_smile:

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I do have some ideas:

We already can see how much hours an employee works in a week; maybe if someone who works 40 hours will be sooner exhausted then someone who works only 15 hours a week.

Also, as other wants and demands employees let you know how many hours they want to work and which days they want to work. And if you give them more hours then they want they get exhausted sooner…

An other idea is that age can take a role. Older employees maybe get exhausted sooner and cant work too many hours anymore…


Thank you very much! We’ll consider it when expanding the employee’s system :blush:

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