Electrical Appliances Question

I was confused about a new thing, but I think I figured it out.

The new “Electrical Appliances” thing when you rent a building is actually an additional deposit for the electrical items that already exist by default, correct? Initially, I thought it was a recurring electricity charge, and I was confused that I wasn’t getting charged for it.

Edit: Changed this to a “bug” based on the conversation below:

Yes! Electrical appliances refer to the furniture itself, as they’re added to every building when renting them, but can be removed and sold :bulb:

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Roger that!

Actually, this might be a bug then. Something to confirm then…I had moved the bed/dresser/lamp out of the apartment before terminating the contract. (I live in my business’ storage room). I terminated and still go the money back. But I also got to keep the furniture that I had moved.

If this is correct, I got money back for items I didn’t actually return.

Did you get the whole refund of the furniture, or only the deposit? If you have a transaction entry with a refund of the furniture… Then that’s definitely a bug!

Initial deposit: $2160

I sold one cabinet for ($100) and moved everything else out of the apartment. I got $2070 for the deposit and still got $90 for furniture/inventory (totaling the $2160 initial deposit).

Seems right! $90 for the electrical appliances you paid when first renting it, and the whole deposit

Unless I’m still misunderstanding, the $90 covers the furniture (for the basic apartment, that’s a bed, lamp and dresser), right? So, you should only get that money back if the furniture is in the unit when you terminate the contract?

If that above part is correct, then the issue is that I sold one of the furniture items and took the rest with me before terminating the contract. So, I’m just not sure why I’m still getting the $90 back.

Thanks for the replies, btw, enjoying the update so far!

The $90 are for the electrical appliances only. The bed/dresser/etc should cost around $1k, so I think is correct, as you probably didn’t sell/pick up the ceiling lights

And glad you’re enjoying it!!

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That clears it up for me, thank you!

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