Early Access Save Game Beta Progression

Beta Progression

Will Early Access new Beta releases carry over save game progression with every new Beta?

Or do you have start a new character and game with every new Early Access release Beta?

So, will Early Access Beta 9 save game/character be able to transfer to Beta 10/11/12 etc?


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So far, the devs have been really good at trying to ensure saved games continue to work! Beta 9 saves should still work with the EA 0.1 version that is out now, for instance. But if you wait for several major updates, they often won’t work due to how many things have changed.

Thanks @SuperDave !

I was wondering if I should continue putting so much hours into my save game file. Haha Wanted to build my Empire, but if I have to start over… Well… Then Ill just casual play, and not be on TRY HARD mode. LOL

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