EA 0.1: Build 1718 hotfix

EA 0.1 (Build 1718) hotfix is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed manage cargo not working under some scenarios
  • Fixed game crashing when using “Save and exit game” button
  • Fixed import products disappearing when terminating contract with a warehouse
  • Fixed removing content from shelf with a full handtruck deleting items
  • Fixed work/entertain panels remaining open under some scenarios
  • Fixed wrong road colors when wet due to puddles
  • Fixed planter box having texture details written on it
  • Fixed vehicle engine sound running while on full menu apps
  • Fixed deliveries not updating shelves visuals while inside the target building
  • Fixed can move bed while laying on it
  • Fixed inventory pricing not working correctly when having undefined products
  • Fixed saving changes on wardrobe UI not closing the window
  • Updated German and Spanish translations