EA 0.1: Build 1714 hotfix

EA 0.1 (Build 1714) hotfix is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed fainting animation runs after going to the hospital
  • Fixed stuck on seating animation when returning from the casino
  • Fixed quest objective “Reach 100% happiness” doesn’t trigger correctly under some scenarios
  • Fixed changing clothes in wardrobe removes character’s name
  • Fixed can put Industrial Fridges and Industrial Fryer Machines above counters and tables
  • Fixed using handtruck to refill shelves can convert product in the shelf to other product type
  • Added a warning when the game doesn’t have permissions to access the assets folder
  • Potential fix to game crashing under some scenarios

Additional note: we have removed the compression of the game files which increases the initial size of the game. In return, all future updates will be much smaller and quicker to download.


I like this game very much, but it is still full of shortcomings. Up to now, I still don’t understand why my store makes money and loses money. Later, I found that there are different kinds of people in each block, but there is nothing about the proportion of people and what kind of products are beneficial to buy in the game. I hope you can join in the guidance in the future, such as expensive jewelry needs to open shops in the upper class, etc

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Have you tried to open the Business Insider App?

Go to Market insider app and then click the block tab across the top. On the left it tells you the % of Working Class, Middle class & Upper class people for each area.

Yes, I can see the population percentage, but I don’t know what the role of population percentage is. Secondly, I don’t know the role of human resources training

The app also tells you where there is demand for each product, like where you should open a jewelry store and where you should open a donut store.

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I know the market demand, but it’s useless. When I drove in the first block, I found that no one bought 80% of the expensive jewelry


For expensive Jewelry to sell, you’ll need a larger building. If you’re using a smaller 15 capacity building, they will sell practically none.

Is it related to the building area? I always thought it was a matter of population proportion. The store was too big and empty. I couldn’t find anything to place. I don’t think other stores need too much space except catering

Why is the population flow fixed? This is simply unreasonable. Isn’t it logical that the population should change according to my price and market demand?

It’s related to the area yes. I was referring to the building limit of hourly customer capacity, specifically, but they are directly related!

You’re right, there is a lot of space way more than is needed, if you’re only selling the primary items! If you add extra items and some decor, it starts filling up the space a bit, though.

It does overall - but as I understand, based on all of those factors, there is a certain percent chance that a customer will want expensive gifts. So that percent then goes into your customer flow. So, with very low customers (because of the small building capacity), the chance of getting a customer who buys expensive gifts is very low.

When I lay the floor and wallpaper all over, the environment is 100%, and no other decoration is needed. Therefore, the space is always empty. Secondly, I think that the proportion of upper-class people is high, and if the store is large enough, in theory, it is much more expensive to buy jewelry.

I think there is more to be improved in this game, because I find that there are not many things I can do every day

True - not for customer satisfaction, but for your own roleplaying - most decorations purely cosmetic at the moment.

And that is true, you can raise the prices a lot higher in the upper-class districts than in others. Midtown will tolerate MUCH higher prices than Garment. But you have to adjust those prices yourself!

For example, the building area limits the population, and the types of purchase by each population group, the price of goods, and the strength of publicity should all be the factors that affect the people who buy in the store.

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As far as the current situation is concerned, this game only has a very good framework, but each stage of the game needs more content to fill in. At the beginning of the project, it is very short to be honest. In the middle of the project, the process of opening stores and building the headquarters to move furniture is also very complicated. The training is also very mechanical. I spend almost every day in bed.


and can I find out where it says that I have dls ?

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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Did you pre-order and you have the DLC codes? The DLC doesn’t exist yet, so right now they are empty if you have them.