EA 0.1: Build 1712 hotfix

EA 0.1 (Build 1712) is now up on Steam!


  • Fixed Voogle Maps not using inverted rotation
  • Fixed can’t move/pack/place items after discarding a placed item
  • Fixed using F while using a handtruck removes its content
  • Fixed pressing ESC while dragging an employee breaks the cursor
  • Fixed gaming chair not working for headquarters desktop quest
  • Fixed player freeze when discarding an item
  • Fixed issue making it possible to place temporary mops
  • Fixed going to the hospital while in a queue breaking purchase window
  • Fixed going to the hospital while in a sad period showing a black screen
  • Fixed issue making it possible to move/pick up items while fainting
  • Fixed “cheap gifts/paper bags” related task not getting completed under some scenarios
  • Fixed entering a building on controller mode triggering interaction twice
  • Fixed legacy demo version getting triggered under some scenarios
  • Fixed “office desk 2”-demand having an incorrect title
  • Fixed issue causing game not to respect FPS limit set in options
  • Fixed Interior Designer button not appearing under some scenarios
  • Several help system improvements
  • Enabled Petrolls Fanton/Blue Yachts OG