Dumb Question?

Sorry if this is the wrong format/use for this forum, I just access to the game, trying to learn the ropes and working through the initial tasks/objectives.

Reached the very early objective of “Get a job at the local supermarket”

I have gone to every supermarket near the apartment that I’ve rented, and for the life of me can’t find a way to get a job. I even ran all the way across town to the recruitment agency, which resulted in me finding out that I need a degree to hire employees for my own companies. Good info but netted me a lost day of walking across town.

Right clicking the markets just provided the BizMan page for the supermarkets, unable to locate any “Apply for job” “Take Job” “Work as a cashier” or anything that helps me.

Sorry again if this is the wrong place for this, just trying to figure out this game and very frustrated that I can’t find what I’m sure is very simple.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I located a solution, I found this on the github-

I had never played the game so I didn’t know the job board was something that existed, and it was not there in the game. Exiting to the main menu and reloading the game caused the job board to appear.

Yes, the job board at El Gato supermarket is the right way to go. But even if it is shown, the objective still needs a bit more explanation I guess.