Drive-in Wholesale Auto-Checkout

It would be nice to have auto-checkout at the drive-in wholesale because it is very annoying when you fill up your car and then have to take everything out of the car to pay. I feel like loading the car, unloading it, then reloading it kind of defeats the idea of being drive-in because it takes so long.

In my experience, it would be more realistic too. When I buy lumber from lumber yards, I either have to go in and pay before getting the lumber or I load the lumber then they ask me what I’m getting at the weigh scale, I don’t have to unload the lumber and show them they just look.

You don’t have to get out of the car to pay. Just click on the register from the driver’s seat!

I literally click on it really quickly as I’m driving by and don’t even stop on the way out the door.

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That makes a lot more sense! Thank you for telling me. They should put that as a tooltip when you enter for the first time or if it is I must have missed it.

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yes, it’s cool that you can drive and pay :slight_smile:
still, I find some things a bit clumsy. You need to get pretty close to the shelves and so on to pick stuff up.
The trolly at the wholesale carrying only 4 cargo, makes it pretty time consuming to fill up a 20 cargo van.
And why can you only load it from behind?
Does not vans have side doors? I’m feeling that I always need to walk around that van.
And the avatar is walking super slow. lol.

I know there is a forklift, but that one also seems a bit clumsy to use.
you also need to get pretty close to the shelves to click on them.
I would like to zoom more out and work from a more macro perspective.
The zoom out thing also applies in the street view.

Since it’s very limited what stuff you can do while the game is paused, I would like a button to slow down time. 0.25x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x or something.
But yeah, I would apreciate that we could to more when the game is paused.
Say that I have a clothing store with 24 clothing racks, 8 types of clothes, 3 of each.
When I go in and I see they are partially filled, there is a symbol for it.
I would like to stand one place in the store, just click all the symbols and all the racks are refilled.
yes, the staff refills it, but sometimes I want to refill it manually, to see if I got enough stock in storage shelf or something.

Idk, I just want a bit more smoothness and not to race against the clock.

And the avatar is walking super slow. lol.

Just in case you didn’t know:

Hold “shift” while inside buildings to run. This will help your slow walking speed tremendously.

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did actually not know that.
just figured you could press ALT for some label info as well :+1:

Also realized that wants and demands is listed under the F1 menu.
Used a lot of time to figure out what is part time, full time, morning, evening and night - the hard way.
oh well, still learning I pressume.

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Glad to help - and I think it’s still good to post your confusion, even if you figure it out. It helps the devs know what things need to be clarified!