Door Position when Leaving Building

Hi @jhovgaard just a quality of life request, I noticed in the stream if the player is on certain sides of the street when you leave a building you have to swing the camera round. If you can adjust the camera so the door they leave is always behind (or maybe at some offset so they see more of the street) the player that will prevent the player looking at the back of a house :slight_smile:

Yea, definitely need to optimize the camera script overall. Right now it’s “blindly” following the player.

My plan was to copy the way Sims are doing it, but if you are aware of any games who handle camera controls better/cooler please let me know :slight_smile:

I think the sims has the camera facing away from the street or towards the house. The offset so you can see more of the street feels better in that case as your plater is actively going somewhere unlike in the sims where it all plays out on “lots” :slight_smile:

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Wonder how GTA does it :thinking: as that’s kind of the same idea, leaving a house and going somewhere else …

In fact ignore that as there 3rd person so they go over the shoulder of the player.

Is this feature suggestion still relevant with the changes implemented in the meantime (especially completely hiding buildings), or should we call it implemented, since you don’t have to turn the camera anymore?