Display furniture pieces in warehouses/pallet racks

Who does not know it, you go to buy furniture for a shop, or decorate and Zack some items are left over.

So what to do with it, sell it individually, dispose of it?

Both very unfortunate and maybe I can use it for my next business start-up.

At the moment it’s still very tedious, so you don’t have to dispose of or sell several items, so I store everything I don’t need at the moment on pallets in a specially rented warehouse.

Unfortunately you can’t see the number of pieces of furniture stored, but it would be great if you could see that, so I could plan the shopping list better the next time I start a business without having to make a trip to the warehouse first.

I’m aware that a warehouse is used to store items for sale, but I’m sure I’m not the only one storing their current furniture.

Have been playing the game for 188 hours since April 30, 2023 and I’m enjoying it very much so far, thanks for that

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