Display bug or am I incompetent

Hello to all,

I have been playing the game for 3 days now and probably have a bug or I am unable to complete the challenge. I have to create 50 dollars in sales per company. I have looked in BizMan and I have already reached this. But the challenge is not completed. Maybe someone has the same problem. Have also already communicated via the ingame feedback button already. In itself not a big deal but unfortunately I can not continue the story. Would be happy about comments.

Greetings Harvey

Hello! Two things:

  1. That translation is old - the objective is now $150 per business, not $50.
  2. It’s not actually measuring revenue, but profit (this is on the dev’s list of things to fix as well). So you need to open the store’s econoview and make sure you’re still making $150 at both stores, after expenses, rent, salaries, etc. have been deducted!

Hi David,

thanks for the information. I am now trying to achieve this goal.