Discord Suggestions

I have 2 suggestions for the Discord!

I would like to see on the Discord a detailed category of all the updates done on the game ( Every patch added).
Not just a bot that announces: added, removed, changed files .

It would be nice to have a section that would give all the links of your games and website.

  • The download of the game BA ( Demo - Steam link ) and for Gold members, the link of the Beta versions.
  • Forum links
  • Link for Donations / Upgrade silver to gold
  • Your Youtube video
  • Other important links
  1. If you look in the “ba-news” feed on discord, you’ll see the updates done to each public build. The “ba-dev-feed” is where you’re seeing the bot feed.

  2. You’re right about most of the links, however, there is a specific section for gold members with the gold early beta link, but you need the “gold supporter” badge on discord to see it. (DM a mod/staff on discord with a screenshot of your purchase email to get the tag)

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Personally i think it should be on the website not discord. Some people like me hate discord but a website is the standard goto for information. Yes i log into discord but only for ba because that’s were all the updates and other action is