Dirty floors

When your employes clean the floor its looks dirty and you need to mop the floor to remove the “dirty texture” even if cleanliness its at 100%.

Hi! I can’t seem to find a way to reproduce it. Cleaners clean depending on their cleaning skill and the size of the building. If there are enough cleaners, the dirty texture should be correctly removed. Otherwise, it will just be reduced.

Are there any steps to reproduce it? Maybe a savegame?

Thank you!

New Joni Save Game.hsg (459.3 KB)

Hi David,

There is no special steps, just wake up at 8 aprox, and go to Gift Shop “Recuerditos” in front of home. You will see the dirty floor, but if you take the mop it says that cleanliness its 100%. If you use the mop, the dirty texture go away.

Maybe its the whole save that is broken, because there is more things bugged:

  1. Storage Shelfs got bugged, i cant move them (if you try you dont gonna be able to place it again) and i cant take anything from them, employers neither can so they dont sell anything. As you can see in the save, i fast-pass a few fast days sleeping and i dont generate any money.

  1. Manage Bussiness. If you open BizMan and my “Central” headquarter and then go to “Settings” the Select Business typ its bugged and not showing the correct business category. I think this is just a visual bug, because Headquarters are working propertly.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the long explanation! Helps a lot! We’ve found the problem, should be fixed on the next patch :sunglasses: